The Seven-Year Night:
Poems of the Medical
Training Experience

by James S. Wilk

"James S. Wilk astonishes us with the beauty of the poetic word written by an experienced physician who has 'seen it all.' His words are melodic, poignant, and dance with an air of resignation that although he is a physician, he cannot fix everything nor find its reason. I found myself mesmerized as I read poem after poem. I would thrust this book into the hands of medical personnel, patients, and families alike; this is a book of poems for the masses.”
Elizabeth Szewczyk, This Becoming

"Warning: The poems in The Seven-Year Night are strong medicine and likely to be habit forming. Wilk’s poems pack an emotional wallop that even the best TV medical dramas can only hope to achieve. Like a high-resolution MRI scan revealing the heretofore unseen (and sometimes, unwanted) Wilk penetrates the surface of life—and death—revealing some of the very marrow of our amazingly beautiful, confounding and heartbreaking existence.”
Steve Kissing, Running from the Devil and Survival of the Fittest

"... a fascinating collection by a working physician who, in the mold of William Carlos Williams, is also a wonderful poet. It has been said that when poetry is stripped down to its essentials, only two themes remain, love and death. This collection deals with both of these themes in an intimate way rarely encountered. Reading these poems, we meet a physician who loves his patients and is there for them at some of the most difficult times of their lives, and a poet who can write about his and their humanity in a way that is both moving and profound. These poems have given me a stronger sense of what it means to be human than anything I have read in a very long time. Thank you, Dr. Wilk.”
IF Miller, Moonburn

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