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Welcome! We are so glad you’re considering working with Big Table Publishing.

However, before you submit, there are a few things you need to know. While we are a traditional royalty-paying publisher, we are not able to pay you an advance or send you on a book tour.

If we love your manuscript and offer you a contract, we will provide:


          Advice and direction (if you need it) on your cover design

          The services of our art department to create your book cover

          Like-minded authors to blurb your book

          A printed galley for your review

All we ask in return is that you agree to purchase a minimum of 50 copies of your book at a discounted price. For instance, if your book is going to retail for $15, here is your payment schedule:

          Author agrees to purchase a minimum of 50 copies for the first order based on the         following pay schedule, including all subsequent orders:

          Number of Copies                    Cost per Copy

             100+                                              $8.00

             50-99                                             $9.00

          If Author purchases 200 or more copies, they will receive 10 complimentary copies.

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